KimiWeb is Chamber Member of the Week!

January 2, 2023

Kimiweb has been offering website design services in the Owensboro area for nearly 13 years. Kimi Taylor owns and operates the company, which strives to “create affordable websites that look like a million bucks.”

With over 23 years of experience in the industry, Taylor takes pride in creating unique web designs that stand out from the crowd. That’s probably why Kimiweb’s reach extends far beyond the tri-state, across the U.S., and into parts of Ukraine, Germany, and Costa Rica.

“I love helping people and seeing them succeed,” Taylor said. “One of my passions is working with nonprofits in town, like Crossroads, Oasis, My Sister’s Keeper, United Way, the Boys and Girls Club, and Warrior 180.”

When Taylor first moved to Owensboro, she donated her time to Crossroads – a food pantry and walk-in homeless shelter for women and children. She also maintains a long-standing relationship with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

“I’ve been involved with FCA for 18 years now, maintaining several websites for them across the country,” she said. “I’ve established several relationships through FCA, which has helped grow my business.”

Taylor traces her passion for computers back to their inception. She spent 24 years working in a law office as a legal aid and recalls companies dropping off computers for the practice to use for periods of time.

“I loved it. I’m not sure what it is about my brain that just locks into a computer, but I love it,” she said. “My favorite subject in school was always chemistry. I loved studying formulas, and I think that translated into an infatuation with computers.”

While working, Taylor studied business in college and knew she had the skills necessary to create her own business. A major surgery sidelined her from work for six weeks, during which time her husband bought her a computer.

“He bought me that computer, and I just took to it,” she said. “We decided then that it was a good time for me to come home and pursue my passion.”

During the early stages of the internet, Taylor created Givers Ministries, which served as an international matchmaking service pairing individuals in need with financial donors wanting to help.

“At that time, there was no platform for anything like that, and I was able to build it from scratch,” Taylor said. “A young boy needed a monocular. A local doctor saw the need on the website and bought him one. That’s where it all started, and it’s been word of mouth to build it up to where it is now.”

Kimiweb offers an assortment of website design and web hosting services. To learn more about Taylor’s simple and specialized approach, visit the Kimiweb website here, or check out one of the many five-star reviews on Google.

“My slogan is to work hard and be nice to people; it’s my make-up, my everything,” Taylor said. “Customer service is important to me. It’s a blessing to work with so many good people who remind me of how much good there still is in this world.”

The Chamber Member of the Week program is a membership benefit of the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce. Founded in 1913, the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce has worked to provide valuable benefits and services to member businesses and individuals for over a century.

Today, with a membership base of nearly 1,000, the Chamber is a guiding force in community and business development initiatives, serving as the center of business advocacy for the Greater Owensboro region. 

To learn more about becoming the Chamber Member of the Week or inquire about Chamber membership, contact Shelly Nichols, Chamber Vice President, at 270-926-1860 or [email protected].


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