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Alexander Francis Films

KimiWeb was awesome! We love the new look of our website. She did everything she could to make the process easy for us. She even made a tutorial video showing us how to use our new website. If you are a small business who needs a fresh look on the web, we highly recommend Kim.

Alex Clark
Alex Francis Films

Warrior 180

There is no other way to explain Kim than an angel. Kim came along side of us when all we had was a dream and she created an amazing website that is booming with traffic. The first time she showed us our website we were so amazed and overwhelmed we were speechless – it was more than we could have imagined. Kim has been an incredible asset to us from her creativity to her sweet presence. She brings a level of wisdom and professionalism along with a personal touch in all she does. We cannot say enough about how blessed we feel to have met Kim and worked with her. We would more than highly recommend her as a business partner to anyone who wants to move to the next level of WOW!!

Jeff & Criss Hastings
Warrior 180

Lighthouse Library

I so appreciate the great redesign that KimiWeb has created for LighthouseLibrary.com website.  While we had a lot of worthwhile literature to share with the world, the new, fresh design and the re-organization is drawing attention to many more readers to our On-Line Library!

– Sunny Coffman
Lighthouse Library

Ben Pearl Painting, Inc.

You’ll have to excuse me if this seams uneducated about the computer industry. I wanted to take a moment and peck at this keyboard because I thought some of you may  also need help when it comes to web design.

When it came to the how’s, why’s and even cost of building and sustaining a web site I knew I wanted one and knew the benefits but had ABSOLUTELY no idea on who to contact. I wasn’t sure who was honest and who knew how to make it mobile friendly. I was wanting the site  to be easy to navigate but we also had a special request, we wanted some humor.

KimiWeb and it’s amazing staff helped me and even tolerated my numerous phone calls with what I’m sure were often silly questions. I just didn’t know what I was doing. KimiWeb was AWESOME!  KimiWeb did all the work, heck I didnt even supply pics or images and only wrote a few lines of script to include and they not only arranged the site,found my pics for me, made it easy, mobile friendly they even
included humor that had my painters rolling with laughter.

I had no idea of the cost either. How do I know I’m getting my moneys worth etc.. Luckily KimiWeb came recommended. That allowed me to pull the trigger and I couldn’t be happier. Website is up, running, no problems, no glitches. I also know that they are there with answers, and support. Whether it’s a technical question, a pic I’d like to post or heck even  a new joke I’d like to add for attention, they have been there.  Absolutely no problem, delivered what we asked, on time and truthfully I cannot  praise them enough.

– Ben Pearl, Owner
Ben Pearl Painting, Inc.

Home Maintenance Group

“The KimiWeb experience is awesome. They developed all of our intellectual property for both our non-profit organization and my private business. We love our logos, advertisements, brochures, and websites; but most importantly Kim made the process easy and enjoyable. Her creative designs are so deep and meaningful that they really get to the “heart” of the project. Reputation is the most important thing that an organization can have… and I have (numerous times) and will continue to put mine at stake by referring KimiWeb to my colleagues.”

– William Mock, President
Home Maintenance Group
The Billy Mock Foundation

South Carolina FCA

“Most of our websites for Fellowship of Christian Athletes in South Carolina were outdated and in disarray. We needed help. Kim Taylor at KimiWeb was referred to us by a friend and the results have been nothing short of excellent. Her warm personality, knowledge of internet technology and fast and efficient service have been a huge blessing to all of our staff. She has been a God-send to our ministry in South Carolina and the results are the evidence to that fact.”

-David A. Welch
South Carolina Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Cape Coral Construction Industry Association

“On behalf of the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association (CCCIA), it is a pleasure for me to provide a letter of recommendation for Kim Taylor and KimiWeb. As the representative organization for the building industry in the City of Cape Coral, Florida, the CCCIA works to provide information, networking opportunities and representation to our membership. Kim’s work on the development, design and maintenance of our website has brought our organization a great deal of recognition. Kim has helped us develop an outstanding information tool that our members look to as a useful resource.

Personally, Kim is consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Kim offers creative ideas and offers solutions to challenges we have encountered.

I highly recommend Kim and KimiWeb to others. She is a valued member of our team and I am grateful for her hard work and dedication.”

– Tracy Wilson, Membership Director

Dobson Associates

“Kim has demonstrated her fantastic ability to comprehend the needs and desires of her clients and transposes it into web sites that literally excite and attract people to our sites. After seeing a few examples of her work I was finished looking elsewhere for a web designer. A friend of ours connected us and it has been developing into an outstanding and lasting business relationship.”

– Frank Dobson, President
Dobson Associates Human Performance Consultants

Rib City & The Veranda Restaurants

Kim Taylor of KimiWeb has provided both the Veranda and Rib City restaurants with creative, informative and comprehensive websites which include shopping carts. Changes are completed in a timely fashion and issues, no matter how large or small, are always treated and resolved in a prompt and professional manner.”

– Beth Watson, Director of Marketing
Rib City / The Veranda Restaurant

Coastal Resort Realty

“Kim Taylor is a fantastic web designer! Kim had great ideas for our website that would not only help us but help our clients. Kim was able to comprehend through conversation with us, what our needs and desires were, as well as the purpose of our website. With the ever changing real estate market, being what it is, she designed a perfect website for us. A site that was flexible and easy for us to update on our own. She customized our site to fit our needs perfectly. Our clients now have a wonderful tool to use in their property searches and we have a site that we can easily maintain as well.

I believe our website will be a wonderful asset to our company and help us to grow our business and bring more people to our site. Thanks so much Kim for all your help, it’s been a pleasure to work with you.”

– Danielle Mize, Broker/Owner
Coastal Resort Realty

Health Escapes

“Kim Taylor showed right from the beginning what her skills, incredible talent, patience, and kindness can produce. Kim’s web design, knowledge of keywords, and understanding of what the major search engines want from a website have given me the #1-3 placement on Google, AOL, Yahoo, and all other search engines. It just doesn’t get better than that! Over the years, as we all know, search engines change their criteria on what they want in a website to keep it ranking at the top. Thanks to Kim’s awareness of the trends and her pulse on web design’s newest techniques she has been able to let me know what is needed to keep my rankings high. Thanks to her I have been able to keep my top rankings for years.

I know that I have always been in the best hands and have someone who cares about the results of her designs. That is one of best assets of working with Kim as you not only get a well designed website but a person who is so diligent that she doesn’t stop working on it until it is a successful website. Thanks to Kim I now work full time at home running my own successful business. I never thought I would be this successful on a web based business as I am not a computer literate person. But thanks to Kim I have a web design that does the work for me.”

– Anita Kinney
Costa Rica Health Escapes

Mt. Dora at Night

“Kim is an incredibly talented artist and a joy to work with. She delivers excellent results and consistently exceeds expectations. Kim is easily available for questions and provides great support. Her eye for design is fantastic; she easily translates ideas into beautiful works of art. Any company fortunate enough to hire her will be glad they did.”

-Lisa Rast
Mt. Dora at Night

Merchant Services

“We have a business website that has been up for 8 plus years, and many different companies have marketed our site over those years. Three years ago one company got my site on the first page of Google, but after about ten months we were delisted from Google because of some of the practices they used. For seven months we were completely off Google and we lost most of our business.

In an effort to get our listing restored, I began to look for a new company to market us again. Many said that it was fruitless to try. Others said they would try for very large sums of money – 10k – 16k with no guarantee. I was devastated. Then I contacted Kim Taylor at KimiWeb. She reviewed the site and said that she would resubmit the site to Google after she made some major changes. Our listing was not only restored, but the site began to quickly climb in rank again. Now I am back on the first page but with many different search terms.

This December 09 will be three years since she started the work and I don’t see any slow down. As a matter of fact we are on a steady up hill climb with no end in site. Thank you Lord for sending Kim Taylor into my life.”

-Perry Silverberg
Merchant Services

Fishmas Charters

“When I was looking for a logo for both my husband’s and my son’s new businesses, Kim Taylor really saved the day. She listened to what I was looking for and kept tweaking the designs until they were perfect. Kim was patient, professional and wouldn’t stop until I was satisfied. We now have our new logos on business cards, advertising and t-shirts! Thanks Kim!”

-Tracie D’Angelo
Fishmas Charters & Big Head Tackle

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