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The Heart of Accessible Website Design

As a website owner, you might be aware of the growing number of lawsuits filed on behalf of visitors with disabilities who encounter challenges accessing online products or services. Alternatively, this information might be new to you. In either case, I want to discuss not only the legal aspects of operating an inaccessible website but also go deeper into the heart of the matter.

Assistive Website Accessibility Technology
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Verisign Domain Name Price Increase

Verisign Price Increase Verisign, the global provider of domain names, has recently announced that they will be increasing the cost of .com domains by 7% beginning September 1, 2023.  Under agreement with the US Government, Verisign is allowed to increased prices...

Price of Domain Names Going Up
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The Recent Copyright Scam

I have been contacted by a couple of clients lately that have received emails warning them that they have copyrighted images on their website.  Some have received an email directly, and others have received the message through the contact form on their website. ...

Email Copyright Scam
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Don’t fall for this ageless scam

The Groovy 2000's I have been a web designer for a long time...  A LOOONG time.  It's fun to think back 20 years to the designs of the day.  Black backgrounds, fluorescent text, and animated gifs fluttering or chugging all over a page.  Honestly, sometimes I feel...

Domain Registry Scam
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Nein danke! (No Thanks)

Just one of the more than 1,000 worldwide (and counting, the total jumped to over 1,800 as I was writing this) one star reviews for the WordPress plugin called Gutenberg.  Importantly, this plugin is no longer optional. It has become a core part of your website's...

WordPress upgrade to blocks
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